The Ultimate Guide for Your MFP Purchase

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As technology has improved, the options to consider with copiers, large format printers and laser printers have increased in leaps and bounds. Being aware of all of these options can be a huge point of stress. However, if you are educated on the most important options, you'll end up with the best machine for your office or business.

The Choices

In order to make the best choice, we want to help you understand what all of your options are. First, you'll need to choose your color options.

Toner Phoners: Avoid Being a Victim

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First, it seems in order to explain what exactly a toner phoner is referring to, in the context we wish to address. The majority of companies purchase toner from a reputable business, whether online or in the store. Now there are two main tactics that a toner phoner will use, their goal being to either steal from you, or provide you with faulty merchandise. Let's break those down.

Document Solutions for Architecture Firms

Document Solutions

Have you ever tried to follow a literal paper trail? It isn't easy. You'll flip through mountain upon mountain of binders, which will lead you to a monumental filing cabinet- which may or may not be willing to give up its secrets without a fight, or rather a key- and only then begins the hunt for that one folder that might be pushed down too far to spot. Whew. Even that sentence was a chore.

Less is More With Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Printers

It's a risky business, making changes at the office. Odds are, you don't simply answer to yourself, so any decision you make needs to be backed up by solid reasoning, beyond a reasonable amount of benefits, and an obvious ROI.

What about the consideration of moving to a multifunctional copier? It can seem like a big step, and we acknowledge that 100%. With that in mind, we want to leave you feeling secure in your decision to move to a multifunctional device. Consider a few benefits of making the switch.

Printing Systems: Which One, Which One

Printing Systems

"Which one?"

It's a question that must be asked by every business person in charge of an office: what type of printer should we buy? It isn't nearly enough to stop at that simple, broad question because there's much more to it.

Let's go over some initial questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want one printing system or multiples?
  • What type of functionality must each system possess?

Once you've answered these questions, you can start delving deeper into questions like:

Print Services and the Hallway Dash for Security

Print Services

Picture this: a large office building, many offices, lots of printers, even more people, with even more curious eyes. Most of your coworkers are well-meaning, and the majority of visitors are, as well. However, security and confidentiality are always to be taken seriously, even in a trusted environment. Have you ever had a semi, or even highly sensitive or confidential piece of material to print? It's incredibly common, and you may want to ignore the nagging feeling that it isn't completely full proof, but honestly, you shouldn't -- not to mention, you don't have to!

3 Document Management Solutions to Save Money and Increase Productivity

Document Management

Making your business more productive usually comes down to one simple equation: increasing efficiency plus reducing costs. This is a simplified way to look at it, but it helps to get back to the basics.

With the business solutions available in our modern world, it's not difficult to achieve this efficiency. All it takes is a little planning, the right tools, and some know-how.

Why Mobile Printing is Essential

Mobile Printing

Today's workforce goes beyond regular business phone systems. Now, it's mobile and a mobile workforce requires that professionals utilize all of the tools at their disposal to get more productivity out of the week. That's why it's not surprising that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets outnumber traditional computers by a high margin. With the versatility of these devices and the many ways they improve productivity, they've become indispensable for the modern professional.

Choose the Right Photo Paper in 3 Easy Steps

Printing Systems

If you're a photographer or regularly print photos, you know that your printer quality matters just as much as the quality of your camera. With the right printer, you should be getting high-quality printed results. But what if you still aren't?

It could be that you haven't purchased the right photo paper to make your printer's abilities shine. How do you know if you have the right printer paper, or how to find the right paper?

3 Signs It's Time for a New Copier

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It's worth fixing machines that have years left in them, especially when it can lower your overall equipment costs. However, when does it become time to say goodbye to your trusty printer or copier and replace it with a newer model?

After a while, the breakdowns, slowdowns, and repair bills start adding up. After a while, it becomes cheaper to replace your copiers than to continue babying it. Here's how to tell when you've reached that point.


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