Why Print Services Aren't Dead

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Whether you're thinking of the latest "Print is dead" headline you read or the Ghostbusters quote, you've probably heard someone foretelling the end of paper. This isn't a new trend. In fact, in the 1890s people were postulating that publishing would be completely replaced by voice in the future. But today, those claims have a little more teeth to them: digital media continues to gain a foothold in business and personal life.

But does digital mean the end of print? Not so fast.

Digital and Print: The Perfect Partnership

Many pundits put print and digital media in conflict with each other: it's one or the other, live or die—the world isn't big enough for the two of them. We'd argue that print and digital media are best in partnership.

Don't buy it? Consider this. When someone last gave you a business card, was it a text message, email, or LinkedIn message? Most likely, if you were in a face-to-face networking environment, you were handed a physical piece of paper. That piece of paper probably had the traditional information: phone number, address, title and personal information. Most importantly, a good business card will give you social media handles, email addresses, and website URLs. You'll lose that tiny piece of paper in less than a week, but you'll give that new connection a follow on Twitter, an add on LinkedIn, and a quick follow-up email. Print and digital work best when they're used in concert.

So why isn't print dead? Because digital media isn't out to replace print: it's here to work with printed material.

Why You Should Care

What is your equivalent of a business card for potential customers and clients, and is it getting follow-through? Your print marketing strategy is crucial—and is must guide your customer from print to website (or social media) to point of contact—and hopefully a sale or a connection. Because of this, it's essential that your printed marketing material leaves a good impression and encourages follow-through.

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