Find Your Printer Match

Printers and Copiers

Printers and copiers seem to be sold on every corner. It's tempting to just march up to the first one you set eyes on and slap down your money. If you do that, you could really miss out on the perfect piece for your office. Have you thought about the ways you can conveniently match your printer to your unique business?

Match Your Space

Have you pulled out your tape measure and made sure that your new printers or copiers will fit the physical space that you have? You may have the space to go a little bigger, or you might just burden the printing corner. You won't regret looking into the dimensions.

Match Your Growth

What part does printing play in the daily workflow of your office? If it's a rarity, you don't have to worry about owning huge-volume capabilities. If you are printing hundreds of pages a day, a desktop inkjet or laser printer is the match for you. If you get a lot of traffic swinging by and using the printer, you may need more than one. Quality, speed, and capacity are components of a multifunction system so we recommend you invest there.

Match Your Print Jobs

Maybe you're that classic business that prints statistics, graphs, and charts. Perhaps you are a business exploding with color. Think about your desire to print labels, postcards, envelopes or colorful marketing materials. Do you want to collate and stable your print jobs?

Match Your Price

Printers and copiers can range in their price. Practically speaking, check your budget and think about your long-term investment plans. The cheapest printer is not always the least expensive. Remember you will have ink, toner, and other supply costs later.

We're all about helping you find your perfect printer match so contact us today.

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