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Toner Phoners: Avoid Being a Victim

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First, it seems in order to explain what exactly a toner phoner is referring to, in the context we wish to address. The majority of companies purchase toner from a reputable business, whether online or in the store. Now there are two main tactics that a toner phoner will use, their goal being to either steal from you, or provide you with faulty merchandise. Let's break those down.

Print Services and the Hallway Dash for Security

Print Services

Picture this: a large office building, many offices, lots of printers, even more people, with even more curious eyes. Most of your coworkers are well-meaning, and the majority of visitors are, as well. However, security and confidentiality are always to be taken seriously, even in a trusted environment. Have you ever had a semi, or even highly sensitive or confidential piece of material to print? It's incredibly common, and you may want to ignore the nagging feeling that it isn't completely full proof, but honestly, you shouldn't -- not to mention, you don't have to!

3 Signs It's Time for a New Copier

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It's worth fixing machines that have years left in them, especially when it can lower your overall equipment costs. However, when does it become time to say goodbye to your trusty printer or copier and replace it with a newer model?

After a while, the breakdowns, slowdowns, and repair bills start adding up. After a while, it becomes cheaper to replace your copiers than to continue babying it. Here's how to tell when you've reached that point.

How to Choose Your New Favorite Copier

Print Services

You knew this day would come, and it's finally here. It's time to say goodbye to your old printer or copier and find a replacement. It's a little sad, but also exciting: you get to find the next piece of technology with a few fun gadgets to make your life easier.

Here's how to make yourself the office hero and find the machine everyone will fall in love with.

Is Color Printing Too Expensive?

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Black-and-white is king in business printing and color is just an expensive luxury—right? Actually, wrong. That assumption is based on some old attitudes about printing. Let's examine a few of those.

Why Print Services Aren't Dead

Print Services

Whether you're thinking of the latest "Print is dead" headline you read or the Ghostbusters quote, you've probably heard someone foretelling the end of paper. This isn't a new trend. In fact, in the 1890s people were postulating that publishing would be completely replaced by voice in the future. But today, those claims have a little more teeth to them: digital media continues to gain a foothold in business and personal life.

But does digital mean the end of print? Not so fast.

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