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3 Signs It's Time for a New Copier

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It's worth fixing machines that have years left in them, especially when it can lower your overall equipment costs. However, when does it become time to say goodbye to your trusty printer or copier and replace it with a newer model?

After a while, the breakdowns, slowdowns, and repair bills start adding up. After a while, it becomes cheaper to replace your copiers than to continue babying it. Here's how to tell when you've reached that point.

How to Choose Your New Favorite Copier

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You knew this day would come, and it's finally here. It's time to say goodbye to your old printer or copier and find a replacement. It's a little sad, but also exciting: you get to find the next piece of technology with a few fun gadgets to make your life easier.

Here's how to make yourself the office hero and find the machine everyone will fall in love with.

FAQs: Purchasing a New Multifunction Printer or Copier

Multifunction Printers

If you're looking into purchasing multifunction printers or copiers, you probably have a few burning questions. It's not easy to find the right model, especially given the sheer volume of options available on the market. It's a good thing that you have a variety to choose from, but it can still be overwhelming to weigh the costs, benefits, and possibilities.

Weighing the Considerations of Copier Rentals

Copier Rental Prices

Should you buy, lease or rent a copier? Do copier rental prices make sense? Stop and take the time to weigh the ins and outs of placing your dollars in one of these three areas. What would best serve your company?

To Rent or Not To Rent A Copier

Copier Rental Prices

Today the workflow world has discovered many ways to cut corners on costs. It is simply about doing a little research to find out what venue best meets the needs of your business. With the rise of document distribution, there are many ways to save money in that specific area. For example, you can purchase a copier, a multifunction printer or look into copier rental prices.

There are a few things to think about involving owning versus dealing with copier rental prices.

Surprising Facts about Refurbished Office Equipment

Refurbished Office Equipment

Penny pinching in your company is not an easy task. It takes hard work, research, and sacrifice. There are some ways that come easier than you might think -- like buying refurbished office equipment. There are countless good-as-new printers, copiers, business phone systems, furniture and other office equipment than can be purchased for far less money than buying it new.

Refurbished printers will save you money and are kind to the environment. Some of them come with warranties are thoroughly tested. Many of them aren't even used.

Multifunction Printers

One Machine, Many Jobs - Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers play an important role in today’s office environment. You may need to produce and route information in several different ways. On a given day, you may need to print out a document, copy it, fax or email it to someone or store it on your network. Purchasing stand-alone copiers to perform these tasks can lead to large up-front costs and less space in your office.

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