Copier Services Dallas TX

Don't Get Lost in the Swirl of Printer Choices

copier services dallas TX

So you've dusted off your binoculars and are searching for that perfect copier or printer for your Dallas, TX company. Before you enter the swirl of options, review the questions that will help prep you to buy the one.

1. What's you printer-to-employee ratio?

Your employees have different levels of needs for copier/print access. This can get tricky. However, realize that some employees may not need to print that much at all. Which ones need access to a printer on a daily basis?

Comparing Copiers and Multifunction Printers

copier services dallas TX

It's shopping time. How do you know whether you should purchase a copier or a multifunction printer? Or should you just enlist copier services/copier renting? The answer to these questions lie within your workday, and you only need to pause and think about it. Let's discuss the difference and similarities of copiers and multifunction printers.

Stuck in a Printing Rut?

Copier Services Dallas TX

Even if you think you are doing pretty well at saving costs, no one is above learning new tricks to save dollars. And really, who can afford not to? The truth is that there are most likely more preventable costs woven into your print environment, just waiting to be discovered. Printers, scanners, copier services, fax machines all have a piece of the pie when it comes to financial charts. To illustrate this, ask yourself or anyone in your company—"do you know the exact amount that we are spending in the area of printing?" It's dangerous not to know.

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