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Keep it Digital: Document Scanners

In the digital world of today, your office’s document needs don’t stop at the papers you hold in your hand. To stay productive and competitive, you need to upload, organize and store information on your network.

U.S. Copy can help you make the transition from hard copies to electronic documents much easier. With our stock of document scanners for businesses in New Orleans, you’ll be able to capture dozens of pages per minute. You can make the first step towards boosting your efficiency, your information security and your eco-conscientiousness.

Features of Scanners

U.S. Copy’s document scanners come with a variety of superior features, including:

  • High dpi resolution to capture details of physical documents
  • Ability to scan dozens of images in minutes
  • Options for scanning to email, network folders and more
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection
  • Durable design that allows for fewer repairs and uninterrupted scanning
  • Options for scanning only specific areas of a physical document
  • Ability to automatically adjust for size and contrast

Document Management Software for New Orleans

U.S. Copy can also help you manage information after you’ve scanned it. With our document management systems, you can route captured documents to others efficiently. You can also store and index them on your network so that you can retrieve them easily if the need arises. To learn more, visit our Document Imaging page.

For more information on U.S. Copy’s available scanners, see our product catalog or Contact U.S. Copy.

US Copy is your trusted source for the latest copiers, laser printers, document management systems, IT solutions, and business phone systems in New Orleans.

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