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Ideally, your equipment worries should stop once you buy or lease a device. You find the copier or printer that suits your needs, set it up and go to work. Simple enough, right?

Of course, things aren’t always that simple. Copiers and laser printers malfunction or break down, which can make your operations at your New Orleans organization come to a grinding halt. You can’t produce the documents you need or get them to the people who need them. If they go on too long or occur repeatedly, hardware issues can lead to loss of business and revenue.

Happily, U.S. Copy can help when equipment issues arise. Our expertise doesn’t stop at connecting you with the right Ricoh copiers and HP printers; we can also repair your copiers, large format printers, and laser printers when they aren’t working properly. It’s one more way that we make sure our customers get the most from our products.

Benefits of Our Printer Services

U.S. Copy’s leadership team and service personnel have decades of experience under their belts. We have factory certification for our Lanier copiers and extensive training on our other devices. All of this experience translates into significant benefits for you: When or if your equipment breaks down, put in a service call and we’ll get everything back up and running as quickly as possible.

Hard Drive Security for your New Orleans Business

Not only do we help you get your information out, we help you keep it in too. Some customers may not know this, but any piece of office equipment with a hard drive stores images of everything it scans, faxes or copies. Someone can retrieve these images later, which can potentially create security problems.

U.S. Copy makes sure that these problems don’t arise. Our Lanier devices use a special program that prevents people from viewing images saved on them. You can also purchase Lanier’s Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS), which overwrites stored images with random sequences of binary code.

In addition to these document management systems, we can replace hard drives when you return leased equipment. This ensures that whoever uses the device after you won’t see your information.

To learn more about our printer services, contact U.S. Copy.

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