Our Story

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The Secret of Our Success

Since 1981, U.S. Copy, Inc. has supplied New Orleans customers the very best in laser printers and other office equipment. We’ve grown since then to offer solutions for capturing and distributing documents electronically.

In our 30+ years of doing business, we’ve practically become a household name: Our customers regularly tell us that they wouldn’t go anywhere else with their printing and document imaging needs.

What makes us so special? We know how to treat the people of New Orleans.

Big Love for the Big Easy

It’s no secret that New Orleans has gone through some hard times over the past few years. We’ve lost a lot of people, a lot of homes and a lot of jobs. Some people wrote us off as gone for good.

Of course, those people didn’t know New Orleans. We’ve stayed here and worked hard to rebuild this city and preserve its culture and its spirit. After all, there’s no place in the world quite like here.

U.S. Copy is proud to serve the brave, compassionate people of New Orleans. When a customer comes to us, we don’t just see a profit. We see a neighbor and a friend.

Our Company Mission

U.S. Copy works to bring value to businesses through five key areas:

  • Process Improvement

    • We help show you how to optimize your processes and operations.
  • Information Security

    • We help you protect their vital information from people who might use it for malicious ends.
  • Compliance

    • By improving the security of our customers’ systems, we help them comply with government regulations regarding private information.
  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    • We don’t just look at your up-front costs for equipment and software. We take into account how much products and services will cost you long-term.

To learn more how U.S. Copy does business, check out the rest of our website or Contact U.S. Copy.

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