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One Machine, Many Jobs - Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers play an important role in today’s office environment. You may need to produce and route information in several different ways. On a given day, you may need to print out a document, copy it, fax or email it to someone or store it on your network. Purchasing stand-alone copiers to perform these tasks can lead to large up-front costs and less space in your office.

With MFPs (multifunction printers), you can do all of the above with one machine. U.S. Copy, Inc. can help you find multifunction printers that will let you handle different workloads with greater speed and ease. Your New Orleans business will be more productive and effecient than ever before.

Features of Multifunction Printers

The main features of our multifunction printers are:

  • Printing

    • The Ricoh and HP printers we sell take seconds to warm-up and start printing. Not only can you print dozens of pages within minutes, you can also print from a USB card, an SD card or a mobile device. Available copiers allow you to save thousands of documents on their hard drives as well, making it even easier to produce the documents you need.
  • Copying

    • Our MFPs also produce clean, detailed copies of original prints and images.
  • Scanning

    • MFPs (Multifunction printers) also enable you to scan documents to a variety of locations and electronic formats. You can check out previews of scanned documents to make sure that you’ve captured the quality of the originals.
  • Faxing/Emailing

Once you’ve scanned a document, you can fax or email it to people directly from the MFP. You can also create automatic document management workflows to streamline your ability to distribute information.

For more information on our available multifunction printers, check out our product catalog or Contact U.S. Copy.

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