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It’d be nice if all the elements that make up your network could manage themselves. Your printers and copiers would work when you need them to. You could store and access your information without worrying about security threats or any other document management issues. All of your network’s components would function as a cohesive whole without any input from you.

Sadly, that’s not the case. Copiers can stop working when you need them most. Protecting proprietary information is a huge concern for companies. System crashes and other disasters could cause you to lose vital business data, which could lead to lost business and income.

With our managed services, U.S. Copy, Inc. can help keep your business protected and productive. Thanks to our strong relationships with our industry-leading technology partners, we have the resources to optimize your printing and IT solutions.

Available Managed Services

Available services include:

Printer Services

Keep your copiers in good working order and prevent information from leaking out.

Managed Print

With our managed print services, you can fine-tune your printing solution.

IT Solutions

Take advantage of hosted business email, server management and more.

Business Phone Sysytems

We offer first-rate hardware and applications from Star2Star, which allow you and your co-workers to stay in touch.

To learn more about our managed services, click the links above or Contact U.S. Copy.

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