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Fax Machines!

At U.S. Copy, we help New Orleans manage their information better. Whether through IT solutions or with our selection of laser printers, large format printers or scanners, you can produce documents and upload them onto your network at high speeds and low costs. In turn, this helps increase productivity in your workplace.

However, we know that you don’t just need to print and store documents—you need to send them out quickly as well. For this reason, we also offer fax machines that will help you distribute documents faster. With our available multifunction HP printers and Ricoh copiers, you can send information to people who need it quickly. This is yet another way in which we help make your business processes even more efficient.

Benefits of U.S. Copy’s Fax Machines

When you purchase one of U.S. Copy’s fax machines, you get:

Outstanding Efficiency

Our devices can transmit dozens of pages within seconds. You can scan both sides of a sheet of paper and send a fax as soon as you scan the first page of a document. You can also automatically queue jobs if the machine is already in use. Available models come with internal memory and battery backup to ensure that you won’t lose time or resources from a sudden power loss.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

U.S. Copy’s fax machines are designed to fit in smaller areas. At the same time, they hold hundred of sheets, allowing you to transmit faxes steadily. Our devices also feature intuitive control panels that make complex tasks easy to accomplish. Quick Dial and Speed Dial options make it even easier to send documents to regular recipients.

Printing and Copying Options

In addition to their faxing functions, our available devices can print or copy hundreds of pages in minutes. Some models come with special bypass trays that allow you to print onto transparencies, postcards and other stocks.

Reduced Energy Usage

U.S. Copy’s technology partners design their fax machines with the environment in mind. Our products come with such resource-saving features as:

  • Power-Conserving Sleep Mode
  • Reduced Ozone Emissions
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance

To learn more about U.S. Copy’s available fax machines for your New Orleans business, check out our product catalog or Contact U.S. Copy.

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