Digital Duplicators

Multifunction Printer in an office

For some businesses in New Orleans, fast isn’t fast enough. The document-producing needs of some customers are simply too much for typical laser printers or multifunction printers to handle.

For people who need to produce especially high volumes of documents on a regular basis, U.S. Copy, Inc. offers digital duplicators. These machines enable you to accomplish the most demanding print jobs quickly, reliably and with less energy than other high-speed systems. You can improve your document management workflow while keeping your environmental impact low.

Features of Digital Duplicators

The powerful features of our digital duplicators include:

  • The ability to print hundreds of pages within minutes
  • Duplexing capabilities to cut down on printing waste
  • Duty cycles that enable you to print hundreds of thousands of pages each month
  • High dpi resolutions for crisper, more detailed images
  • Automatic ink regulation to prevent bleeding and produce more precise copies
  • Intuitive operation panels that make it easier to manage complex print or copy jobs
  • Energy Star-certified design that lowers your energy usage without hampering your productivity

For more details on our digital duplicators, see our product catalog or Contact U.S. Copy.

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