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Business Phone Systems in New Orleans

Business Phone Systems For New Orleans Offices

U.S. Copy knows that businesses in New Orleans need different ways to share information. That’s where U.S. Copy’s business phone systems come in. Most customers know about our laser printers and multifunction printers which enable you to produce and distribute documents quickly. But of course, you couldn’t get work done everyday without a reliable, easy-to-use communications system. We offer first-rate business phone systems and applications from Star2Star, which allow you and your co-workers to stay in touch with whomever you need to.

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Available Products for New Orleans Business Phone Systems

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U.S. Copy’s New Orleans business phone systems include:

  • Call Center

    • Star2Star’s business phone systems come with StarCenter, a comprehensive call center that can handle hundreds of users spread out across several locations. Features of StarCenter include:

      • Agent login/logout
      • Call queue configurations
      • Real-time displays
      • Detailed call reporting
  • Options for Call Recording

    • Our business phone systems also have cloud-based call recording options. You’ll be able to:

      • Check the accuracy of call notes
      • Meet the QA demands of your business
      • Improve guidance and training for your employees
  • CRM Integration

    • U.S. Copy can provide you with CRM integration solutions as well. You can monitor, access and change customer information with ease.
  • Mobile Client

    • Star2Star’s business phone systems include a complete IP telephone application, which lets you make calls on your iPhone using your data network. You can avoid spending minutes on your plan and have calls to your office number forwarded to your smartphone effortlessly.
  • Disaster Recovery

    • Star2Star’s StarRecovery system helps you get back up and running if a disaster affects your workplace. Whenever an outage occurs, the system reroutes calls to numbers that you designate instantly.
  • IM/Chat

    • Star2Star has also developed StarChat, a unified instant messaging app that lets you send messages to others in real time. All of your chats get stored in a cloud-based archive, ensuring that you can find important conversations when the need arises.
  • SIP Trunks

    • Customers that need to want to keep their legacy phone system can benefit U.S. Copy ‘s SIP trunks. By installing these solutions, you can add fax, web conferencing and much more.

For more information on our business phone systems in New Orleans, contact U.S. Copy.

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