How Expensive is Printer Ink?

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Have you always had a sneaking hunch that printing is more expensive than it should be? Are you frustrated with your printing costs, but not sure how to lower them? Here are a few statistics you may be interested in:

  • Printer ink is 4,000 times the price of a liter of crude oil
  • Printer ink is as expensive, per ounce, as premium whiskey
  • Businesses that use managed print services see a print-relate cost reduction of around 30%

We'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Why Print Services Aren't Dead

Print Services

Whether you're thinking of the latest "Print is dead" headline you read or the Ghostbusters quote, you've probably heard someone foretelling the end of paper. This isn't a new trend. In fact, in the 1890s people were postulating that publishing would be completely replaced by voice in the future. But today, those claims have a little more teeth to them: digital media continues to gain a foothold in business and personal life.

But does digital mean the end of print? Not so fast.

Copier Security

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Copier security is vastly important if you want to do your business a service. Today's copiers are capable of storing every single image and document you have every laid on its glass. That means everything you've scanned, copied, printed or emailed. This should concern you just a bit, depending on how you use your copy machine. If you have any dealing with sensitive info like client details, financial records, social security number, medical records, etc., then you should be aware of how you can keep that data from landing in the wrong spot for the wrong eyes and for the wrong purposes.

The Dangers of Buying from Discount Stores

Printers and Copiers

There are several misconceptions concerning discount stores. When shopping for your printers and copiers, it's important to realize the potential mistakes to avoid in buying cheap, low-quality printers and copiers.

Don't just look at the upfront price

You may run into a reasonably priced color copier that seems to be everything you ever dreamed about. However, research the supply costs. They can be your downfall if you aren't cautious.

Calming Qualms Over Copier Rental Prices

Copier Rental Prices

As all smart offices, you are trying to find ways to save costs in your business. Looking into copier rental prices can be confusing. Let's talk about some of the most common questions about renting office equipment.

Will renting a copier affect my credit?

Great question! Renting office equipment will not impact your credit. If you take out a loan to purchase a new copier or another office machine, that may involve your credit. However, renting a copier from a qualified business is a different matter.

Why Should You Shred Documents?

Document Management

Why should you destroy documents by shredding the paper into small bits? This process -- document shredding -- is a regular step used by many businesses. It is the safe disposal of confidential info to guard against identity theft. Document shredders are actually a member of the office equipment family. They range in size from a small waste basket to a large disposal bin. Some choose to purchase a refurbished paper shredder among their other refurbished office equipment.

Dynamic Printer Shopping

printers and copiers

Hewlett Packard introduced the ThinkJet printer in 1984. These machines cost $495 and produced two pages a minute. Needless to say, copiers and printers have progressed vastly since that time.

If you're checking around for home printers and copiers, then there are options to be aware of.

Why Lease A Copier?

copier leasing rates

It's just around the corner . . . the big rush your business has been hoping and dreading. Revenue will be pouring in, but you need the equipment to cope with the work. How do you handle this opportunity with economic sense? It's time to delve into copier leasing rates.

Don't Get Lost in the Swirl of Printer Choices

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So you've dusted off your binoculars and are searching for that perfect copier or printer for your New Orleans company. Before you enter the swirl of options, review the questions that will help prep you to buy the one.

1. What's you printer-to-employee ratio?

Your employees have different levels of needs for copier/print access. This can get tricky. However, realize that some employees may not need to print that much at all. Which ones need access to a printer on a daily basis?

Comparing Copiers and Multifunction Printers

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It's shopping time. How do you know whether you should purchase a copier or a multifunction printer? Or should you just enlist copier services/copier renting? The answer to these questions lie within your workday, and you only need to pause and think about it. Let's discuss the difference and similarities of copiers and multifunction printers.


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