Less is More With Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Printers

It's a risky business, making changes at the office. Odds are, you don't simply answer to yourself, so any decision you make needs to be backed up by solid reasoning, beyond a reasonable amount of benefits, and an obvious ROI.

What about the consideration of moving to a multifunctional copier? It can seem like a big step, and we acknowledge that 100%. With that in mind, we want to leave you feeling secure in your decision to move to a multifunctional device. Consider a few benefits of making the switch.

Less is More

There is hardly a better example in the office world than the MFP when speaking of the term "less is more." You can run around the office, freeing up space previously taken by fax machines, desktop printers, miscellaneous scanners, and copiers, etc. Then you get to bring in the multifunctional printer to replace all of these machines, plus added functionality.

Save some Space

We've touched on the space savings, but we really want to hit it home for you. Entire workstations are taken up by fax machines, scanners, printers and copiers. In addition to that, you have to store the ink, toner, and paper for all of those machines. Do you store them near each machine? Is an entire closet taken over with print related items? That sounds like a rotten deal. With a multifunctional printer, you can have a single hub for all print related needs, not to mention one machine to stock and maintain.

Keep it Green

By using one multifunctional printer, you are also:

  • using one power source
  • buying paper for one machine
  • buying toner/ink for one machine
  • gaining the option of scan-to-email

The multifunctional printer admittedly has more benefits than we can address in this blog, but if you're curious as to the rest, give us a jingle!.

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