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So you've dusted off your binoculars and are searching for that perfect copier or printer for your New Orleans company. Before you enter the swirl of options, review the questions that will help prep you to buy the one.

1. What's you printer-to-employee ratio?

Your employees have different levels of needs for copier/print access. This can get tricky. However, realize that some employees may not need to print that much at all. Which ones need access to a printer on a daily basis?

2. What does your office require?

What kind of copier services does your company need on a day-to-day basis? Multifunction printers are the catch all when it comes to mass printing needs. They can also copy, scan, fax, among other services. On the other hand, maybe you need a large format printer to produce larger documents. Or, if your business is simpler when it comes to printing needs, perhaps you can invest in a machine that doesn't come with all the bells and whistles.

3. What about mobile printing?

Would your company reap from mobile printing options? Perhaps your office is relatively self-contained and you are doing just fine. Some businesses travel to homes/clients each day. They prefer to work from home, coffee shops or on business trips. In this case, mobile printing would be a huge asset to your workday.

Do you want to keep track of usage?

Some printers come with software already set up to track usage. This helps a lot when it comes to saving money and resources. It can help you uncover where your money is going and better manage your printer fleet.

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