Is Color Printing Too Expensive?

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Black-and-white is king in business printing and color is just an expensive luxury—right? Actually, wrong. That assumption is based on some old attitudes about printing. Let's examine a few of those.

Myth #1: Black-and-White and Color are Basically the Same

Wrong. As we gain more research and information about how people respond to information, we've learned that color communicates more effectively. In fact, a recent study found that 76% of survey respondents said that they found information easier to read when it was presented in color, and 69% said they have a better understanding of new ideas when presented in color. Whether it's for a business brochure or a marketing flier, color is crucial.

Myth #2: Color is Too Expensive

Although you may need to spend a little more on color ink, the fact is that the cost of color ink has come down. In the "old days" of mass printing, companies paid more per page for color, no matter how much color was used on the job. Today, when you're printing in-house, a dab of color in the right place could cost you pennies more but make all the difference.

Myth #3: Color is Only for Marketing and Creativity

Sure, color printing is perfect for photographers and graphic designers, but it's also the right choice for every other industry. You can improve your company's workflow by making invoices easier to read or revolutionize employee training with informative handbooks. The sky's the limit with color.

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